Filing and Welding Clamps

407 Filing Clamp

The 407 filing clamp offers the convenience of a hinged jaw, which opens and closes instantly. A lever operated by foot movement quickly closes and locks the clamp in place. 48″ jaws are constructed of precision-ground, high-grade steel for a stronger, longer-lasting grip. Each jaw has two surface bearings against the side of the saw for straight, rigid clamping.

The table top of the 407 is suitable for holding a swage, shaper, file,set guage and other common tools.

A Model 407-S, with 24″ jaws, is available for shorter band saws.

417 Filing Clamp

This quick, efficient clamp is designed for wide band saw maintenance. The 417 is equipped with 50″ jaws, and a locking device to hold the saw with absolute rigidity at any desired pressure. The opening jaw is hinged to drop down parallel with the floor for convenient insertion and removal.

Jaws are constructed of precision-ground, high-grade steel, providing a rigid grip over the saw’s entire length.

Welding Clamps

Hanchett manufactures a welding clamp in two convenient sizes, 8″ and 17″, for proper and safe butting while welding band saws. The saw is held in position by two clamps fitted with steel plates and adjustable socket head screws that stay beneath the working surface of the clamp.

The Hanchett welding clamp is equipped with a heating element and a foot treadle which holds the chill-hardened-face anvil in position for hammering.

The clamp can be ordered with or without oxy-acetylene welding equipment, including a torch, tips, oxygen and acetylene regulators, oxygen and acetylene hoses, clamps, goggles and instruction manual.