Back gauges, straight edges, and tension gauges

Widemire Micrometer Back Gauge

This widely used back gauge for band saws and band resaws is easy to read and use. The face plate of the indicator and the end rests are placed squarely against the back of the saw. The dial is marked in either 1/16″ or 1/32″, with each mark representing approximately .001″ variation of the degree of convexity or concavity of the back of the saw.

The Widemire Back gauge is available in 3′, 4′ and 5′ lengths. The length of the end rests, and the length of the face plate of the indicator, make this gauge particularly useful for double-cut and sliver-tooth saws.

Standard back gauges

Standard back gauges in lengths of 3′, 4′, 5′ are available with either a straight or concave edge. Standard back gauges are ground with 1/64″ or 1/32″ concavity, depending on the amount of crown run in the back of the saw.

Combination back gauge and straight edges are available in lengths of 3′, 4′, or 5′. These dual-purpose tools are made of spring steel with one straight edge and one ground concave to order.

Straight Edges

Straight Edges are constructed of tempered steel, with two usable edges. Available in lengths from 3″ to 60″.

Tension gauges

Tension gauges are available with one side convex or concave and the other side straight. Standard in length from 4″ to 14″. All sizes and styles may be ground to order.