Saw Hammering Tools


Our saw hammers are constructed of finely ground, polished steel selected for its rugged strength and shock resistance. Faces are precision-ground to provide the best possible face to minimize the possibility of saw damage by improper blows. We can also quickly regrind your worn saw hammers to restore the original face. We offer 4 types of saw hammers:
Crosspeen, Twistface, Combination, and Doghead.


Our saw anvils are constructed are constructed with a uniform hardness throughout for repeated grindings. Faces are found either flat for general band saw service or crowned for circular saws. We can also quickly and accurately regrind anvils to your specifications.

Leveling blocks

Standard leveling blocks are made from mild steel and are surfaced on both sides. They are intended for use in leveling band saws and are not recommended for hammering.

Our leveling blocks are carefully ground to precise limits on large surface grinding machines and are available with a trunnion for ease in turning.