AK Traveling Head Knife Grinder

Durable, accurate, hardworking

The AK is the flagship of the Hanchett line and the standard of the industry. AK’s have proven their worth in grueling, high-production environments the world over.

AK machines are available to grind parts up to 485 inches long, and longer, to extremely accurate tolerances at high production speeds.

Their massive cast iron base, heat-treated for molecular stabilization, virtually eliminates unwanted vibration. Durable vee and flat ways, handscraped to precision tolerances for minimal wear, are protected from airborne particles and vapor by belted covers.

The AK’s traveling head uses only about half the space of traveling table type grinders. Stock removal amounts can be set by manual or automatic infeed. The AK sharpens a wide variety of part types, shapes, and sizes to exacting tolerances, including straight, bevel, or hollow-ground knives.

AK features:

  • 84″ to 485″ capacities.
  • 15-HP grinding head motor with 20″ segmental chuck performs a variety of grinding needs with greater efficiency.
  • Built-in, hood-mounted wheel dresser is accurate, accessible to the operator and safe.
  • 8″ x 8″, 360-degree swiveling knife bar.
  • Variable speed DC drive or hydraulic carriage available (customer’s choice).
  • Adjustable stroke control can be set to grind at any specified length, for increased production with no energy waste.
  • Variable-rate infeed mechanism with predetermined stop removes the desired amount of stock automatically.
  • Motor-driven, recirculating way lubrication system keeps ways operating smoothly with minimal maintenance.
  • Recirculating flood-coolant system keeps knives cool, prevents burning, hardening, and edge irregularities.
  • Worm & gear knife bar turning mechanism can be used to manually turn knives safely and efficiently.

Optional equipment

  • 15, 25, 0r 40 HP grinding head motor, along with 20″ or 24″ segmental chuck, available for heavier grinding.
  • Back bevel grinding attachment.
  • Electronic programmable control system for automated functions.
  • Motorized knife bar turning mechanism
  • Air clamping in lieu of mechanical clamping
  • Magnetic knife bar