Hy-Power Traveling Table Knife Grinder

For high capacity service

This massive, high-capacity machine is available in lengths from 84″ to 256″. The Hy-Power’s extra-heavy-duty, cast-iron base is molecularly stabilized to reduce vibration, even when removing large amounts of stock at high speeds.

Grinding accuracy is further maintained by a 6 1/2″, precision ground spindle for the grinding wheel, which is mounted with extra-large roller bearings for smoother operation.

The grinding wheel is available from 30″ to 36″ for high-production grinding within extreme tolerances.

The Hy-Power is ideal for knife shops, the paper industry or any other industry requiring a reliable, extremely rugged machine for heavy-duty knife grinding.

Hy-Power features:

  • 84″ to 256″ capacities.
  • 40-HP grinding head motor with 30″ segmental chuck performs a variety of grinding needs with optimum efficiency.
  • Built-in, hood-mounted wheel dresser is accurate, accessible to the operator and safe.
  • 10″ x 10″, 360-degree swiveling knife bar.
  • Hydraulic table drive with electronic stroke control allows operator to set a predetermined speed from 15 to 80 feet per minute.
  • Oversize vee and flat way system creates a larger contact surface, ensuring minimal way loading for less wear.
  • Belted way covers protect the machine from dust, dirt, grit, and vapor.
  • Motor-driven, dual recirculating way lubrication systems keep ways operating smoothly with minimal maintenance.
  • Recirculating flood-coolant system keeps knives cool, prevent burning, hardening, and edge irregularities.
  • Variable-rate infeed mechanism with predetermined stop removes the desired amount of stock automatically.

Optional equipment

  • 50, 75, or 100-HP grinding head motors available for heavier grinding needs.
  • Increased versatility of 30″ or 36″ wide work tables.
  • Auxiliary grinding spindle.
  • Electronic programmable control system can be preset for automated functions.