Knife Grinding Systems

What should you look for in a knife grinder?

A knife grinder is a significant investment for your company. The machine you choose will contribute to the efficiency of your operation and the quality of the products you produce for years to come.

So, how do you make the right selection?

One of the most important benefits that a good knife grinder can provide is consistency. A knife grinder must hold tolerances over long periods of time to provide true, uniform knife sharpening. If it doesn’t, the least that can happen is you spend too much time readjusting the machine. The worst possible result is rapid knife wear, and increased material waste in the products you’re cutting.

Ease of operation is another major consideration. The simpler a machine is to set up, adjust and maintain, and the fewer labor hours required to sharpen a knife, the more cost-effective it’s going to be.

Productivity is extremely important. The grinder must sharpen the number of knives required to meet your company’s production needs, without wasting time, energy, or materials.

And, of course, durability is a crucial factor. The longer a knife grinder performs satisfactorily without downtime the greater your return on investment.

Finally, reliable service must be available when you need it. This includes the training to help you properly select, install and operate new equipment, the availability of parts, and the field service personnel to provide rapid assistance when you need it.