Miscellaneous Band Saw Tools

Champion Saw Tooth Indicator and Wrench

The Champion Saw Tooth Indicator, available in two sizes, is a time-proven method for accurately checking teeth alignment on a saw. Any defect is magnified 20 times, to tell at a glance whether a tooth is straight or sprung to either side. Order with a Champion Saw Tooth Wrench, which has two separate slots for straightening bent teeth high or low.

Wheel dressers

The Metcalf Emery Wheel Dresser will true and shape grinding wheels up to 1 1/2″ thick. Consisting of two balanced handles at the ends of a short shaft, with a special grade, abrasive wheel that’s mounted on the shaft sleeve, this construction provides the exact weight and balance necessary to provide the best dressing action. The Metcalf Dresser is so accurate and easy to use that it will bring up a sharp corner on a thin or delicate wheel with little effort, a practice that isn’t recommend for diamond and ordinary dressers.

The Universal Emery Wheel Dresser is a lighter adaption of the Metcalf Dresser principle, for thin wheels up to 3/8″ thick. This dresser is especially handy for getting in hard-to-reach points, or for light touching up to get the finest grinding precision.

Wheel Arbor Aligning Gauge

The Hanchett Wheel Arbor Aligning Gauge, for two-, three- or four-point and slide heads, aligns the grinding wheel perpendicular to the saw. You’ll get truer cuts, and a longer-lasting saw. Detachable plates are ground for specific saw gauges.