Model 410 Sharpeners

The Model 410 sharpener produces more point-ups per swage, with lower grinding costs than competitive sharpeners. This model is designed to offer repetitively accurate operation, thanks to direct cam actuation of strokes and life motions. Solid, massive construction, fewer moving parts and precision, heavy-duty bearings ensure smooth, trouble-free performance.

The Model 410, for band saws 2″ to 10″ is ideal for service shops and saw mills with bank resaws. It can be ordered for double-cut, silver-tooth, straight-back operation, and for grinding right- and left-hand saws on one machine. The Model 410 is designed with versatility to meet your needs.

Other features include:

  • Cams are easily accessible for change in 10-15 minutes, compared to one half hour on competitive machines.
  • Cams and holder fitted as one unit for repeated changes without changing cam timing.
  • Direct cam action for more accurate feed and lift. The entire mechanism is driven by one shaft, with gearhead motor drive.
  • Rocker-type head with wider contact areas than other machines,for positive and extremely smooth operation.
  • Large diameter wheel spindle mounted on double spherical adjustable bearings for smooth, accurate performance.
  • Reduced linkage and wear parts throughout for greater precision and longer life.
  • Completely enclosed working parts.
  • Adjustable lift movement for increasing or decreasing gullet depth over a limited range.
  • Convenient handwheels for easy adjustment of gullet and face grind.
  • Carbide-tipped deflector feed finger moves around, rather than over saw teeth for longer tooth life.
  • Two-speed grinding wheel with separate drive motor.
  • Air-operated unit to efficiently raise or lower the head to the saw. This safety feature eliminates reaching over the saw for adjustments.

The 400 Series Gangsaw Sharpener offers an extra-long carriage that accommodates gang saw blades up to 72 inches between tabs and is available with an optional air activated saw clamp release.