Band Shapers

Hanchett Band Shapers

Hanchett Band Shapers feature a forked center lever with right and left screw pressure on the dies to allow perfectly balanced leverage over the center of the saw.

Its free and sensitive action allow the operator to feel and judge shape as he goes. The shaper easily passes from one tooth to the next, picking up each succeeding tooth with a sureness and precision that greatly aids the speed and uniformity of the work.

These tools are designed for ready adjustment to any desired gauge. In addition, the shaping jaws have four wearing surfaces that can be reground for longer use. Carbon-tipped shaping jaws are an option.

Pribnow Series A Shapers

Pribnow Shapers feature a light yet strong base. The bases are precision-machined, with large bearing surfaces to hold the jaws in accurate alignment. The base is open at the shaping point, so the filer can observe the jaws working on each tooth. Infinitely adjustable jaws are an outstanding feature on this shaper.

The tooth gauge on Pribnow Shapers is free to move sideways during adjustment for perfect centering between the jaws, limiting tooth breakage and prolonging jaw life. A hardened steel, easily replaceable tooth rest is available.

Pribnow Series D Shapers

The Pribnow Series D Shaper offers the same accurate performance and ease of operation as the Series A Shaper, only with double acting screws and jaws and a center lever. The larger sizes have replaceable clamp screw bushings.

Pribnow Series LD Shapers

The LD Series of Pribnow Shapers are identical to the D Series, except for an extra-long tail piece. The tail piece makes the LD Shaper exceptionally easy to operate.