Stands, Brackets, Rolls & Post Brackets

Adjustable Bench Stand, Bracket, and Rolls

These pieces are indispensable for building a convenient, hard-working bench for handling saws on the stretcher. A full set consists of four swinging brackets, five floor rolls, and five adjustable stands. Separate pieces are also available.

Post Brackets for Log Band Saw Sharpeners

Model 6 and Model 7 Post Brackets are both made with the same sturdy base, which features a bracket that’s easily adjustable up and down by means of a hand wheel and screw device.

Model 6 Single-Cut brackets, for single-cut band saws, have small wheels or idlers on the side to ease friction as the saw is feeding through the guides.

Model 7 Dougle-Cut Brackets are for sliver-tooth or double-cut band saws. The saw is supported and slides on a piece of accurately ground, hardened steel, with two sides available for use. One bracket jaw is hinged for ease of operation.

Model 7 Automatic Brackets ajdust vertically with the saw slide, ensuring that the saw is in perfect alignment as it passes through the front of the sharpener.

Post bracket for band resaw sharpeners

The Model 4 Single Post Bracket is a lightweight, adjustable floor model for supporting band resaws during the sharpening process.

The Proctor Roll

Utilizing the proctor roll can enable band saws to last up to four times longer than untreated saws by smoothing rough edges left on the gullet of the saw, the Proctor Roll helps prevent the saw from cracking.

The Proctor Roll enables faster feeds, straighter cuts, higher output, increased safety and extended saw life. Easily attached to any band saw grinder, the Proctor Roll works automatically as the saw is fed through the roll by the feed finger of the grinder after the saw has been ground.

Model 14 Band Shear

This powerful No. 14 shearing machine will accurately cut to full-rated capacity in one stroke of the blade.

Increased leverage power allows this shearing machine to handle heavy saws with relative ease by using a high tempered blade. Equipped with an adjustable guage for cutting lengthwise or crosswise, the high-temper blade is adapted for long, hard service.